commercial fertilizers....

Hi all! I just have a quick question that I would like to pose. I have 
had success using a variety of supplement/fertilizers, but wondered if I 
 could only use one, which it would be. I would like to see this be a 
"pleasant" debate.<BG>  I currently use both Flourish by Seachem and 
also Freshwater Plant by Kent.  I wonder if anyone would care to comment 
on these.  By the way, anyone have the secret to keeping rotala macranda 
healthy, happy, and most of all, red?  I have 6 watts per gal of light, 
so I think that is not the secret, but I am open to suggestions. I swear 
I have fought to keep this happy since Karen used to be on Fishnet. <G> 
Thanks all, and look forward to all responses.

					  Mike T.