Tetra's CO2 system

Todd March said:

> I'm wondering if anyone can give me some sound advice from hands on
> experience with Tetra's complete CO2 system to help me decide whether to
> buy or not...
> Including how long their CO2 canister (6oz.?) lasts in the real world (for
> my heavily planted 29g they say 6-9 months)... And how well the "bell"
> injector works and how long the system actually lasts between
> injections--from what I could read in the kit, I will need to manuely
> inject the CO2 twice daily...?

I don't use this system, but I believe that the following information is 

Tetra has discontinued this system, getting any replacement parts will be 
difficult at best.  My understanding is that the system works pretty will 
if you use it properly, that is, do the manual injection as needed and 
never take a vacation.  The threads on the little canister that you get 
are different from the threads used in the compressed gas/welding 
industry so you will have difficulty (or worse) gradually upgrading the 
system. (that is what I wanted to do and borrowed the tank from a shop 
and took it to a welding supply place to see it's compatibility.


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