Re: SAE in Albany Aquarium

Mon, 03 Jun 1996 Gordon Ko <gko at slip_net>writes:

<<I have visited Albany Aquarium last Friday to get 4 SAE. It is nice to get
those little creatures to clean my tank. But the buying experience is not so
Be carefully when you are doing business with those robber!>>

Interesting... I asked a friend who was coming down from Berkeley to stop in
Albany & pick me up some SAE's several months ago.  I had called ahead to
make sure they had them, and find out the prices.  I didn't mind small ones,
so asked Isa to get 9 of the little ($4.99? $3.99?) ones.  When she got
there, they were out of that size, so the person helping her caught 9 of the
smallest ones from the next size up tank but only charged as though they had
come from the smaller size tank!  I guess it depends on who you get helped
by... or maybe how their stock is doing.  How large were your "large" SAE's?
 Mine averaged about 1.25 inches long.  

I haven't been to Albany Aquarium myself, but I will keep an eye out for
erratic pricing when I do make a visit.  On the other hand, for a small
business owner it has *got* to be tempting to charge a lot for SAE's when
faced with such a clear supply vs. demand situation!  I've never heard that
owning an aquarium shop is a good way to get rich.

Anne Hull Seales
Santa Cruz CA - a great place to forage for mussels & seaweed for your soup!