Re: SAE in Albany Aquarium

>From: Gordon Ko <gko at slip_net>
>I have visited Albany Aquarium last Friday to get 4 SAE. It is nice to get
>those little
>creatures to clean my tank. But the buying experience is not so good.
>told me the price of the SAE on the upper floor is $10.00 each ( no price
>mark on those
>tanks ).  When I told her I saw the SAE price show on the lower floor is
>$5.99. She told
>me $5.99 is for small size and $10.00 is for big one.

Gordon, it's too bad you felt cheated. The prices for SAEs are posted
clearly in the store, at least when I was there. There were, in fact, three
sizes and three prices. I have been pleased with Albany's service and
pricing. And I always ask what size and price the fish are before I get

Greg. Tong
San Francisco, CA, USA
gtong at sirius_com

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