Re: T8 info?

>With all this talk on T8 bulbs (I'm a little behind in my reading) I was
>hoping someone could direct me to a FAQ or supply me with some information
>directly.  I ask because I hope to start a new 29 gallon tank up soon and
>would like to make my own dual flourescent light hood.  The higher light
>output of the T8s intrigues me.  If I have it correctly, that is.  Thanks.

T8s are tubular fluorescent lamps that are 1-inch (8/8ths) in diameter.
They run on electronic ballasts and the combination represents the current
strategy for energy-efficiency in offices and commerical establishments.

T8s do not put out significantly more light (lumens) than similarly sized
(length) T12s (the old fluorescents that are 12/8ths of an inch in
diameter). However, they put out significantly more lumens PER watt of
energy. The energy savings come from both the ballast and the lamps. Also,
because the tubes are thinner, they are less likely to block light in a
multi-tube setup.

So, it boils down to a setup using T8s and a "rapid start parallel
electronic ballast." The parallel is so other lamps stay on when one lamp
has burned out. Rapid starts put less stress on the lamps and they
consequently last longer. There's not much more to know. The lamps fit in
regular fluorescent sockets. You only need to change the ballast and start
saving energy.

If you want a lot more lumen output in the same space, look at High Output
(HO) or Very High Ouput (VHO) setups among fluorescent lamps. But be aware
they're more expensive and are not energy-efficient.

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