Canister filter as a CO2 reactor, or...?

I am setting up my new planted tank, with a DYI CO2 (yeast method) system
intially, and am wondering what the best way is to introduce the CO2 into
the aquarium? I was planning on using my Eheim canister filter as a
"reactor", but am unsure as how to plump this. I've thought about drilling
a hole into the intake tube of the Eheim, then inserting and silicon
sealing a piece of rigid airline tubing, to which I can connect the soft
tubing from the CO2/Pepsi bottle... I have been told that this might upset
the canister motor with "excess air"....?

Someone also recommended some "bell" (?) reactor made by Tetra?

Thanks again for your insights--very helpful...

Best to all,

Todd March
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