Re: New Light setup

You said in Aquatic plant digest 267 
You don't say how long you've had these plants, but please bear in mind
that plants will put on growth for a while even under abysmal conditions
using stored reserves.  What normally happens to high light plants under
marginal conditions is that they grow quite quickly in the beginning,
trying to get to the surface, and closer to the light.  Eventually they
exhaust their reserves, get weaker and weaker and you end up with a few
anemic pieces floating on the surface, right near the lights.  How long
this takes to happen depends on the  
specific plant and how bad the conditions are. 
I'm saying now....... 
I've had these plant's for more than 6 month's now (maybe longer) and have
had no trouble with any dieing off (pray they don't change their mind's
now) my ph is steady over the corse of the day in the mornings around 7:00
am pacific time it's 7-7.5 and 12 hrs it's measuring the same (just bought
this test kit my last one was crud) any way go figure. 
Gary Alness    (misman at hooked_net)---------->