Re: Vermiculite diffusions whatsit-business

Nick Livingston says....

>> uprooting via underwater erosion. As to fresh vermiculite being
>> loaded with "un-bonded" sites; this should not be a problem after
>> the first few days after water has a chance to penetrate the new
>> substrate. The largest ion concentration is NH4+ and then probably
>> K+ and Ca+ and Na+. The percentage of each ion type at CE sites is 
>> in dynamic equilibrium with the concentrations of those ions in the 
>> aqueous solution. CE substrates simply provide a higher local 
>> concentration of those nutrients.
>If it's not too much trouble, could someone translate this into English 
>and tell me whether or not it will make my plants grow better? =)  Most 
>of this stuff was not covered in chemistry class!

Your not in chemistry class anymore Nick. This is Alchemy 101.