[Q] new 20 gal planted tank...

Hi all,

I have just set up a 20 gal tall planted tank, after digesting the FAQ's,
and I have a few questions.

The tank is 2ft wide, 1ft deep, and 18 inches high, has 2" of medium river
gravel mixed with 1/3 
Duplarit laterite, 2 20W Triton bulbs with reflectors, a home made CO2
injection system (yeast),
a pair of dwarf gouramis, red ramshorn snails, and lots of hygrophilia
difformis (the pinnate variety).
I also put Duplaplant root fertilizer tablets in the substrate, and intend
to use Aquasonic "Basic-Gro" and
"Daily-Gro" drops (Australian, mainly Fe) every water change and daily

I hoped that the rapidly growing Hygro., in conjunction with the snails,
would help to reduce any algal blooms
in the first few weeks after setting up the tank. This seems to be working
so far. The questions are:

1). Given my light levels, what would some good plants be for this tank when
it is established? I intend to 
replace some of the hygro. and I'm not sure if I have high, low, or moderate
illumination. Water temp 76 degrees.

2). I have an Aquaclear "mini" power filter, and was wondering if I should
get some organisms to root
through the gravel for aeration. I can't find trumpet snails in Sydney, so
any other suggestions ?

3). I intend to buy iron, nitrite, hardness, and nitrate test kits soon (in
addition to the ammonia/pH kits that I have).
Will these be worthwhile, and am I missing any ??

4). Any other comments/suggested improvements on my setup ?

Many thanks in advance for any/all suggestions,

Marcus Tate
Marcus C. Tate
School of Earth Sciences
Macquarie University
Sydney, N.S.W
2109, Australia

mtate at laurel_ocs.mq.edu.au