I have the Dupla Iron Test Kit. Each time I measure it I get the same
reading or so it seems (0.5). The direction are not too good IMHO. Does
anyone else use this kit and if so with what results. I have been reading
the test by looking down through the tube, is this the proper way of doing it?

Seems to me that if I am not adding anything to the tank that the FE should
be going down as the plants use it. Yet I have an Aponogeton that by looking
at TOA has an iron deficientcy, this doesn't seem right. Is it possible that
the kit is measuring iron that is not usable by the plants? I haven't added
anything to the tank in over 3 weeks and I am not using laterite at this
time, though I just recieved some today.

According to the water co and the Dupla kit my tap water has 0.1 and I have
been doing 25%+ water changes each week. I thought I had soem rocks causing
the problem but they have been removed since Sat. and still no change in the
FE. I have the rocks in a bucket of water to see if the FE goes up any.

Presently I have 120w of FL on my 55g, 1 trilux (new), 1 GE P/A (new) and 1
biolux(?) (6 mo. old) which gives me 2.18wpg. I know this might be a little
low but I am waiting for my icecap to arrive so I can retrofit my hood. Then
I will be putting an Aquasun maybe 2 as funds permit.

Allen Sandifer                   Internet:ibi007 at lion_connect.more.net
ST.Louis, MO