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Subject: Help with otto cat fry?
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 95 06:08:10 -0700
From: Cathy Drzyzgula <milnor at netcom_com>

   Through no plan of mine my otto cats spawned on Friday and now the
fry are free-swimming (free-clinging?).  I moved the eggs to a newe 10
gal tank (rainbows in original tank) and have added a few plants
collected from various tanks.  I smushed 1/2 and algae wafer on the
(bare) bottom of the tank too.  Any suggestions for me?  How often do
I change water in the tank?  All I've read about fry says to feed
small amounts several times a day, but since the adults seem to feed
continuously I thought a small steady amount of food available made
more sense--do you agree? Any ways to change the water and make sure
no fry get sucked up, or do I just check after siphoning and do it
gently?  I've never raised any fry before so any suggestions greatly