Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #257

 Cathy Drzyzgula <milnor at netcom_com> wrote
>   Through no plan of mine my otto cats spawned on Friday and now the
>fry are free-swimming (free-clinging?). 

> Any ways to change the water and make sure
>no fry get sucked up, or do I just check after siphoning and do it
>gently?  I've never raised any fry before so any suggestions greatly
First, congratulations. I'm green with envy!

I would be inclined to start some infusoria in the 10G tank. The 
already added plants plus a couple of drops of LiquiFry for egg layers 
should do that nicely. I don't think *any* cats are 100% vegetarians.

Add some snails once the fry are free swimming (I've seen ramshorns eat 
eggs), for the overfeeding you need can be turned into snail poop, 
which is good infusoria fodder.

Water changes are easy. Just put a net over the underwater end of your 
siphon hose. If you don't have good biological filtration, you will 
need to change small amounts frequently to keep ammonia, nitrites, and 
nitrates down.

I keep a couple of fishbowls out on the patio to make green water for 
those fry that like veggies. I bet the otos would dig a squirt of green 
juice, once in a while.

Good luck,