Re: VISA for paying AGA membership?

>Any chance of the AGA getting a Canadian account or accepting Visa to
>make it a bit easier on us Canadian? I have my subscription and I find
>it highly informative.

Good idea, but it would end up causing an increase in membership.

Currently, the AGA charges the same for everyone in North America even
though our costs are a few $ per year higher to  mail to Canada.  If we were
to adopt VISA capabilities,  the organization would have to incur up front
costs and would be charged some percentage on each transaction (something
like 3-5 %). Would all Canadians (sp?) want to pay a few extra dollars per
year to offset these additional expenses. Probably not. I have been told by
Dorothey Reimer (from London, Ontario) that many (if not most ) Canadians
that leave near the US have 2 checking accounts.  For those that don't,
your cost for a money order is probably less than the likely increase in a
VISA justified Canadian membership fee. Anyway, we have new mult-year
membership fees (not yet reflected on the Web page) to keep the MO charges down.

     Membership in the AGA
US/Canada/Mexico        Other countries

1 yr  $ 15 (US)         $28 (US)
2 yrs $ 28 (US)         $52 (US)
3 yrs $ 40 (US)         $75 (US)

Check may be written to the Aquatic Gardeners Association or to the AGA.