Re: Potassium

Ed, be very careful with the K.  I had the algae bloom (green water) from hell,
and when I was almost over it I added some Tetra FloraPride.  Up till that time
I had yet to get obvious oxygen bubbles, and when I added the Tetra, there they
were, right in the water.  Without thinking I repeated the experiment of
pouring in some Tetra several times (these were very small doses).  The next
day, the bloom was back with a vengence, and I recalled that before the bloom
first began, I added some Tetra FP.  It has two ingredients, a little Fe and a
lot of K.   BE CAREFUL!  I will add some Fe when things clear up to verify that
it is the K and not the Fe.  BUT WATCH OUT!  You do NOT want this algae.   

Dave Gomberg, Experimenta      San Francisco CA USA   gomberg at wcf_com