Activated carbon and chloramines.

>Will filtering the water slowly through activated carbon help
>against chloramines?

I live in a city that uses chloramines and employ a water-change mechanism that 
filters my water through carbon before it goes into the tank.  So far, I have 
had no negative results with this method (other than my dog watering one of the 
filters once).  I have been warned that I may be stripping the chlorine and 
ammonia apart and delivering ammonia to my tank.  Since my plants usually go 
nuts after a water change, I can see this as a possibility.  My fish seem to 
enjoy water changes too however, so I don't think it's much to worry about in 
my case.

This isn't meant to directly answer the question, but rather to indicate that 
in at least my situation, filtering through activated carbon works just fine.

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