Where u can get sandblasting sand.

> Also, someone mentioned sandblasting gravel as a substrate.  Where does
> one acquire this stuff?  Hardware stores just give me a blank look when I
> ask.  Same thing with laterite, vermiculite, etc.  Fish stores have never
> heard of any of it (I gotta try some better stores! =)).  While I'm
> looking for stuff, a source for SAEs and trumpet snails in the Seattle
> area would be greatly appreciated.

Based on noone above hearing about it ....
I would start w/ your yellow pages under SandBlasting.
Sandblasting sand comes in different sizes, and the common size is not the 
size you usually see in aquariums.  I THINK it is grade #3 you want.  Also 
"Rental" places will carry it.  It costs about 3$ per 50 lb. bag.  Although 
I have seen them in fish stores for up to 10$.  TexBlast is a "national" 
brand.  And comes from Texas (thank u very much) ...ooops and also Georgia.
Anyways its hard to believe a "Seattle hi-quality fish store" wouldn't have 
sandblasting sand.

John Coggeshall