Re: Red Algae

> >I tried using bleach on some of the worst affected plants. Although the 
> >algae is easily killed and none of the plants seem to be hurt, the 
> >algae comes back in a week or so. I guess I will have to up root all of 
> >the plants and treat all of them. I probably also have to empty the tank 
> >and bleach everything, including the filter and start all over to be sure 
> >to get rid of all the red algae spores. This sounds like a drastic way to 
> >solve the problem. Any comments?

I read that algae gets the upper hand when there are too much phosphates 
in the water, relative to the other nutrients.  One suggestion is to run 
a phosphate-absorbing resin in your filter while the plants are getting 
established.  I haven't done this, but it seems reasonable enough and a 
lot less drastic than a total teardown.