Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #236

> David Wittaker said: 
> There has to be a wholesaler who supplies Uncle Ned and others and who 
> also ships into Canada. Then get your retailer to order acouple of dozen 
> for your club or group. This is bullshit. I know that the wholesaler in 
> Fort Erie and Mike in Montreal supply the false SAEs. Never seen a SAE in 
> an AquariumServices store either. 

The archive mentions something about a Florida wholeseller called Southern
Tropicals that is importing the real SAE. I've been bugging my dealer to
call and order some, and he finally ordered some 'Siamese Flying Foxes' from
a wholeseller's list (not Southern Tropical). They arrived today and they
turned out to be the false siamensis. Anyone wants to buy 50 false
siamensis :)? I hope someone on the list would know the phone number of
Southern Tropicals. Part of the problem is that there is so much 
confusion over the names that it's a matter of luck what you actually get 
when you order SAEs from wholesellers.

The Aquarium Services in Waterloo/Kitchener has 6-7 real siamensis in 
their plant show tank. They are large, about 4" long. These are the only 
real siamensis I've seen other than in pictures. The fishroom 
manager said they came as stowaways in a shipment of Flying Foxes. Alas, 
he didn't want to sell them saying they were the only reason his show 
tank remains a show tank. One of the larger ones jumped last weekend, and 
the fishroom guy was pretty upset. For those who don't know, Aquarium 
Services is one of the largest fish-only chains in Canada where I buy 
most of my plants from Tropica.

BTW, Uncle Ned's has sold out their SAEs. I was going to order some and 
have them shipped to my sister's in Philly so I can pick them up when I 
go there. Too bad.

> Todd said: 
> I have what may be a silly question, as I haven't tried either bleaching my 
> algae on the plants or boiling my driftwood (yet), but here goes:
> How do you remove this algae once it's dead?  Once you've bleached the plants, 
> do you snip off the affected leaves or do you just place it back into the 
> aquarium with the now-dead algae still attached?  Same with the driftwood - do 
> you try to clean off the dead algae?  Alive, this stuff is a royal pain to 
> remove...

For me, the dead algae simply turn red, fall off the plants and disappear 
in a couple of days.

> From: krombhol at felix_TECLink.Net (Paul Krombholz)
> Date: Thu, 10 Aug 1995 10:29:58 -0500
> Subject: Re:getting rid of hair algae
> If you just treat the plants and then put them back in an aquarium that has
> hair algae, the algae will be back on the plants in practically no time.
> You have to put them in a tank that is free of hair algae.  That means that
> you will need to treat the tank and gravel and make sure that you don't
> introduce hair algae when putting in fish or snails.  It is well worth the
> effort.  I did it 17 years ago and have had no problems with hair algae
> since.
I am just concerned that unless I solve the root of the problem, the 
algae would inevitably come back, even after I bleach the whole tank. 
Biological solutions such as introducing SAEs sound more promising because 
the algae eater can indefinitely keep algae growth under control, even if 
I don't ever completely get rid of the red algae from the tank (a very 
likely possibility :().

I am going on vacation for a few days, and I plan to leave the tank dark 
until I return. Not feeding the fish for those few days will hopefully 
encourage them to eat more algae. My plants are all doing well so I don't 
think a few dark days (other than ambient light) would hurt them. Less 
hassle than bleaching the whole tank.

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