More light = plant bubbles?!

> From: Mark Jackson <buzzard at teleport_com>
>  I'm not talking just a few bubbles, these things were goin' crazy!
> Can anyone help me with what exchange is going on here and what the
> light triggered to do this?

One thing to watch out for - the plants are growing rapidly now and
are problably using up stored nutrients.  You may find that they will
slowly stop producing bubbles as the nutrients are exhausted and not
replaced. Now is a good time to think about proper trace element
additions to maintain the growth (if you like the results, that is).

Finding the right trace elements for your situation is a bit of a trial
and error process, so be patient.  You might want to try cheaper
products first, in case your tap water has "magic" properties.  The
other end of the spectrum is Dupla fertilizers that don't depend on
any preexisting trace elements, but are more pricey.  Give anything
you try a month or two so you can be sure conditions are stable.