Re: 29 gal. sugestions

> Well I'm looking for some advice from anyone out there familuar with
> 29 gallon plant tanks.  After a compromise with my wife we have set up
> a pair of 29 tanks in our family room.  Presently I have installed 2-
> 20 watt florescent tubes over each.  The light does not really look
> adequate for good plant growth as I look at it.  Has anyone had great
> success using 29 gallon tanks for plants?  And if so what kind of lighting 
> did you use?
Why don't you try using a 100 watt MH bulb on one of your tanks? I find
the difference is phenomenal compared with 80 watt fluorescents on a 49
gallong tank vs. 250 MH on a deep 75 gallon. You may be able to grow some
plants very slowly under low light conditions but after trying MH I'm
sure you'll be a convert!  Just my humble opinion. Now I gotta try to
get my wife to let me buy more MH lamps ;-)
 - Steve