Fishroom bookshelves

One of the planned additions to the fishroom is bookshelves.  Each room will 
eventually have bookshelves, and the bookshelves will be on-topic for that 
room.  I am tasked with keeping the plant room bookshelves, and with co-keeping 
the FW room bookshelves.  If any of you have books that you think I could add 
to the bookshelves, please email me with the following information
about the book.  I plan to basically place the information you all give me in
the bookshelves.  

The format is as follows: Author. (Year).  Title of book.  Where published:  
Publisher's Name. 

Duke, S. B., & Gross, A. C.  (1993).  Americas longest war.  New York: G. P. 
Putmans Sons

We're also looking for web site http references.

Please mail suggestions to dwebb at ti_com


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