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[APD] brown algae (diatoms)

Since I jumped into the HR 669 conversation I thought I'd talk about
plants as well.

I have an ongoing problem with diatoms on my plants and glass.  It's
not terrible but I would like to get rid of it.  I have a 72 gallon
tank with a 4x65w CF coralife fixture.  I run 2 bulbs for about 12
hours and all 4 bulbs for 4-6 hours a day.  The bulbs are 3 months

The bioload is probably on the heavy side (4 cardinals, 5 head/tail
light tetras, 4 black phantom tetras, 6 - 2-3" rainbows, 2 - 3"
siamese algae eaters, maybe an otocinclus or two).  The tank has been
setup for a year and a half.  Java Ferns, a large amazon sword, jungle
val, italian val, assorted aponogetons, and tiger lotus are all

I don't have CO2.  My fert schedule is not consistent.  I typically
dose flourish-comprehensive and flouriish-iron every week or two.  The
flow through the tank could probably be improved.  The tank is
filtered by a penn plax cascade 1500 350 gph canister.

Last time I checked pH was 7-7.5, ammonia 0 ppm, nitrates - 0 ppm,
phosphate 0 ppm.  I spend a lot of my time testing water quality but
don't pay very close attention to my aquarium.

Any ideas?
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