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Re: [APD] new fish & mystery sword update

I had that happen last summer with some silver hatchets. The tank had several N stellata that took over the water surface and were competing for light with my swordplants (E radicans). There was an infestation of mites, so I bought 5 hatchets to deal with them. The hatchetfish thrived and soon there were a bunch of little ones. I managed to have 7 of the little guys grow up to become adults. I lost almost a dozen or more of them to suicide despite trying things like lowering the water level and such-it was an open top tank. The adults never bothered trying to fly away, they were too fat from all the live goodies they got everyday. pH varied between 6.8-7.2 in the tank and water temps climbed up into the 29-30ºC range. Activity was most pronounced after a water change, I used the new water to wash the bugs off the leaves and misted daily.

The same tank also holds a group of Leopard Tatia, just recently noticed some baby tatia hiding out under the lily leaves. I'm hoping they'll fare better than their predessors-easy to breed but hard to raise for some reason.

The mystery sword proved to be self fertile, the flower stalk burst out with some large flowers about the size of a Canadian Quarter, they were white with 3 leaves much like a Trillium's. The flowers lasted for several weeks then started to wither, the center began to swell and there are numerous seeds developing. I'm hoping to have some success with these, if possible I'll use the same method as I used to proprogate my N stellata.

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> Date: Mon, 26 May 2008 20:18:48 +0100
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> I believe John F. Hess wrote this email section below:
> > Hiya,
> > 
> > I got the test and so the list seems fine.  I'll just chime in with a  
> > new discovery: a new half inch long Black Neon Tetra has appeared in  
> > my tank.  Must have been spawned a little while ago and been living in  
> > the moss.  I have had new baby shrimps in the tank and we usually get  
> > 1-2 baby goldfish each year outside in the pond.  The new little fishy  
> > was a nice surprise.
> Nice.
> I got myself an extra Dwarf Otocinclus last week completely out of the blue.
> Otocinclus vittatus I believe.
> I have a very fat looking female and a smug looking male. ;-)
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> To me, there is a big kick out of finding a fish like that, knowing the  
> little guy(s) managed to survive the odds, just like in nature. I've had  rosy 
> barbs, lemon tetras, columbian tetras, threadfin rainbows, and beckford  pencils 
> appear like that.
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