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[APD] Emersed Hygrofila Polysperma

I have a 10 gallon tank that was allowed to become a marsh through lack of 
attention.  (The fish had been long removed, of course.)

There is less than an inch of water in it, and an inch and a half of 
soil-under-gravel substrate.  It gets about 10 hours of good light a day. 
(It is lit by a 5 foot tube that is shared by a neighboring tank.)

There are several H. polysperma plants growing emersed in it.  One is about 
3 inches high and consists of 5 stems; several others are much smaller but 
growing well.

I had never heard of them growing emersed, but my research showed that it is 
really not a rare thing.  Still, seeing it was a new experience for me. 
Another surprise!


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