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[APD] shrimp kill and green water.

The shrimp were for sure killed off with the tap water.  The tank is
plumbed directly into the house.  I have an "instant" type hot water
heater and turned it all the way down.  The temp was pretty close to
water temp in the tank.  The shrimp would still swim wildly about when
adding the water change water.

Looking on the long access of the tank even after the massive water
changes there's still some hazieness but it looks good.  I started up
with the PMDD and it seems to be doing well.  The plants are pearling
etc. I may add some really fast growing plants.

As I have said elsewhere I've had plants for about 6 years with great
sucess. I've never seen a green water problem like this.

If I can just fish that last guppy out of there I think I can thow in
the daphnia.  This was the onlu thing that would kill of the green
water in my outdoor summer tanks.  Wierdly, the tanks would stay clear
for days and days until I put fish in them, which I didn't feed cause
pleanty of bugs landed in them. As soon as the fish went back it
clouded up.

I used to rotate the fish from tank to tank if yuou havent guessed.
Once the mosquito larve built up they'ed go back to the tank.

Anyhow. Things look better. Pearling, mostly clear.  We'll see if we
beat it. Once the plants are really in my tanks have been incredibly


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