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Re: [APD] shrimp kill and green water.

I believe Adam N. wrote this email section below:

> If I can just fish that last guppy out of there I think I can thow in
> the daphnia.  This was the onlu thing that would kill of the green
> water in my outdoor summer tanks.  Wierdly, the tanks would stay clear
> for days and days until I put fish in them, which I didn't feed cause
> plenty of bugs landed in them. As soon as the fish went back it
> clouded up.

Not weird at all. Fish eat and therefore produce ammonia.
Macro (and micro) plants love this chemical so you get algae growth.

If the macro-plants have not adapted to eat all the free ammonia in the 
tank, the algae being an opportunist will.

With the large amount of light you've been adding, it's a god send for 
algae. :-)

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...
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