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[APD] Selling 125 Gallon Tank - OC California

Hello All,


I've been lurking around here for several years watching all the great
information and discussions here on the APD.  It's been great however I now
have different priorities and no longer have the time to give to a tank that
needs daily/weekly attention so I will be getting rid of all my aquatic
stuff that I have accumulated over the last 10 years.


I currently have a 125 gallon reef tank set up for live plants that must go
before Thanksgiving.  There are many accessories that will come with this
tank. PH controller, JBJ regulator with bubble counter, CO2 diffuser, a full
3" fluorite substrate, misc. rocks/wood pieces, heaters, dry ferts and much


The link below shows pictures of the tank when it was first set up two years
ago.  The only difference between then and now is when it was initially set
up I used (2) 96W CF lamps and (2) 55W CF lamps that I got from AH Supply.
Since then I have replaced the (2) 96W CF lamps with (2) 55W CF lamps.




If you are interested please email me direct and I can get you more details.
The tanks is located in the Orange County area in California.


Thank you.

Nick Wilhite  

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