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Re: [APD] Heating, etc.

>> My brother in law is working for a lab that is researching the warm water
that comes out of the cooling towers of a PA power generating plant and is
discharged into a stream. I am pretty sure it is not a nuclear plant. It
will be a multi year project, so don't expect results too soon.

Jerry Smith
Bloomingdale, NJ>>


Cooling towers cool by evaporation.  The only "discharge" is the steam that
is produced in that process, the very visible "plume".  They do not
discharge anything into a water source.

Some plants are water-cooled, however.  They do take cool water in and
discharge warmer water.  There are limits as to how much they can increase
the temperature of the body of water into which they discharge, and they
have to shut down if they exceed those limits.

I am told that the fishing in the winter is very good at those discharge
points and for a short distance downstream, until the heat increase is


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