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Re: [APD] CO2 problems (??)

Is this a 29 gallon aquarium?  You seem to have omitted that piece of 
Vaughn H.

On Tuesday, February 28, 2006, at 05:20 PM, Barry Anderberg wrote:

> My city water report says my water's alkalinity, due entirely to
> bicarbonate and nothing else, is 17.5 dKH.
> My Aquarium Pharmaceuticals test kit confirms this number.
> Both Red Sea pH test and Aquarium Pharmaceuticals pH test agree that my
> pH is currently at or around 6.8.
> That gives me a whopping 85 ppm of CO2 in the water.  This stands to
> reason as I am bubbling about 3 bubbles per second into an external DIY
> reactor.
> The problem?  None of my fish are showing any stress at all, which 
> makes
> me wonder if I am missing something and that my CO2 really isn't that 
> high.
> As a newbie to planted tanks I'm also obsessed with getting my plants 
> to
> pearl, and they do, every day almost all day long, but it isn't very
> heavy pearling like I have seen in some photos.
> Maybe I should try some riccia.
> Also I am starting to see some hair algae on the older growth leaves,
> especially on my ludwigia.  I thought if I kept the CO2 high and made
> sure my plants had all the nutrients they needed I would be able to
> avoid this kind of thing.
> my tank is as follows:
> 100% eco-complete
> 10 total hours of lighting, 65W CF lighting with a 3 hour, 2x65W 
> "mid-day"
> Water: 22 dGH, 18 dKH, 6.8 pH
> Aquarium Pharm. Test Kit Results (for whatever they are worth)
> NO3: 20 to 30 ppm
> PO4: 5 ppm
> I dose using the Estimative Index as follows:
> Sunday: 50% water change, followed by dose of 1/4 tsp KNO3, 1/16 tsp
> K2SO4, 1/16 tsp KH2PO4
> Monday: 15 mL Plantex CSM+B mixed at 1 tbsp. per 250 mL water
> Tuesday: Same dosing as Sunday
> Wednesday: Same as Monday
> Thursday: Same dosing as Sunday
> Friday: Same as Monday
> Saturday: Nothing
> How can I improve my tank and get better, faster growing, healthier
> plants and stop that annoying hair algae that is starting to form?
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