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[APD] CO2 problems (??)

My city water report says my water's alkalinity, due entirely to 
bicarbonate and nothing else, is 17.5 dKH.

My Aquarium Pharmaceuticals test kit confirms this number.

Both Red Sea pH test and Aquarium Pharmaceuticals pH test agree that my 
pH is currently at or around 6.8.

That gives me a whopping 85 ppm of CO2 in the water.  This stands to 
reason as I am bubbling about 3 bubbles per second into an external DIY 

The problem?  None of my fish are showing any stress at all, which makes 
me wonder if I am missing something and that my CO2 really isn't that high.

As a newbie to planted tanks I'm also obsessed with getting my plants to 
pearl, and they do, every day almost all day long, but it isn't very 
heavy pearling like I have seen in some photos.

Maybe I should try some riccia.

Also I am starting to see some hair algae on the older growth leaves, 
especially on my ludwigia.  I thought if I kept the CO2 high and made 
sure my plants had all the nutrients they needed I would be able to 
avoid this kind of thing.

my tank is as follows:

100% eco-complete
10 total hours of lighting, 65W CF lighting with a 3 hour, 2x65W "mid-day"
Water: 22 dGH, 18 dKH, 6.8 pH

Aquarium Pharm. Test Kit Results (for whatever they are worth)

NO3: 20 to 30 ppm
PO4: 5 ppm

I dose using the Estimative Index as follows:

Sunday: 50% water change, followed by dose of 1/4 tsp KNO3, 1/16 tsp 
K2SO4, 1/16 tsp KH2PO4
Monday: 15 mL Plantex CSM+B mixed at 1 tbsp. per 250 mL water
Tuesday: Same dosing as Sunday
Wednesday: Same as Monday
Thursday: Same dosing as Sunday
Friday: Same as Monday
Saturday: Nothing

How can I improve my tank and get better, faster growing, healthier 
plants and stop that annoying hair algae that is starting to form?

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