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Re: [APD] Help me prevent a fatal accident or injury


I did a little poking around and also noticed an email earlier in this thread:

On 2/25/06, DurocShark <durocshark at gmail_com> wrote:
> http://www.crazypc.com/products/cableswires/connectors.htm

Don's recommendation wasn't far from the mark here ... although the
connectors sold by crazypc are only spec'd to 150V with a 300V surge,
Molex does offer some high voltage connectors as well


That link is a for a 4 position locking connector rated at 600v
continous and 1500v surge

The male/female parts are different, and interlock in a polarized
manner, so they can't be connected the wrong way - and they certainly
won't be going into any household connectors!

I haven't had much luck finding a cable rated at such a high voltage
... one thought comes to mind - that the 'industry' is ignoring the
pulse start and just using regular 300v PVC insulated wire.  You have
a great resource with Hello Lights - maybe you can ask one of their
engineers what cable it is they're using, and where you can get some.


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