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Re: [APD] Don't Drink Distilled Water [SAFETY] (was "Storing large amounts of RO water")

Gordon McLellan wrote:
> Isn't water both an acid and an alkaline, at the same time? Something
> to do with the fact the oxygen molecule can move around while
> remaining bound to the hydrogen's... enabling water to be a universal
> solvent?

Yes. That's why it's chemical name is hydrogen hydroxide (if you use 
standard nomenclature). It is a hydrogen cation and a hydroxide anion. 
The theory is that they tend to constantly associate and dissociate 
while in liquid form. That means at any given time a large number of 
cations and anions are floating around loose which enables water's 
notorious power as a solvent. pH is a measure of the ratio of H+ cations 
to OH- anions.

Jerry Baker
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