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Re: [APD] Lowering KH, Which Is Better: RO Unit or Strong Acid?

>Don't even have to read either the discussion at APC or any of
Frank's responses to answer that one:

That's a good idea because I went a little OCD and wrote several pages
that I am sure no one else but me reads. :)  I'll try to be more
succinct this time around.  Hehehe.

>The simplest arguement for RO vs ACID boils down to mere ease- of-

Is using the acid THAT complicated and involved?  That's not a
rhetorical question.  I seriously am curious.  After all, do we not
use such calculations to determine how much KNO3/CaCl2 to add?  Can a
formula not be easily derived and easily used to determine how much of
the raw acid to add to neutralize X amount of KH?  Is it not simply a
relationship of 17 ppm H+ neutralize 17 ppm HCO3- or am I simplifying
too much?

Maybe my mistake in asking the question is that I referenced some a
strongly concentrated product like muriatic acid (HCl) when I should
be using something milder and less avian-flu-like such as Seachem's
Acid Buffer (H2SO4, actually a bisulfate salt) as an example.  How
would you feel about using Seachem's Acid Buffer to lower KH?  How
much danger does that pose?  The concept is the essentially the same
right: acid decreases KH?

- cS -

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