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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 30, Issue 18

 A little searching will enlighten you to the various aspects,
David's response was quite good also.






Well two chemist suggest RO/DI.

(As a general rule, all chemist add acid to water - NOT
the other way around. In the case of  sulfuric acid, adding
water to the concentrated acid leads to a very violent
exothermic reaction which means IT BLOWS UP IN "YER" FACE!!)  

Some clown almost invaribly comes to the list saying they got
some burns, killed their fish, killed their plants etc after one
of these threads...........you'll note many folks have tried
this over the years going way back.

Wonder why it's not popular after all the folks that have tried
it? Maybe they just did not do it right?
My advice if you are stubborn, go right ahead try it and see how
well it works and how well you enjoy playing with strong acids.
Some folks have to learn by making the mistakes rather than
learning from the mistakes of others.......it is good to learn
from experience, as long as it's not your own:-)
I know that well.

Sure you can dilute acid, but doing that, figuring out how much
to add, testing it, waiting for it the mix well, storing a bunch
of acid, the RO is easier and is used for good reason, it gives
you far more control over a much wider range, no chemicals.

My question to you is: why can you ___not use RO__?

For less than 100$ on ebay, you can have a decent 25-50GPD unit.
That removes everything, not just KH. You simply blend with tap
and add to the tank. 

Sure, you can DIY CO2 also, but many where stubborn there also,
only later to find that gas tanks made their life easier.

You can soft water with peat also, but like acid, you need to
monitor it.

As fas growing Tonia, lots of CO2 mist, ADA aqua soil(flora base
was terrible by comparisons for other plants), good nutrients.

David's response touched on some other good points also.
Why make it more complicated than need be?

More on alkalinity:


And yes, even over 10 years ago, such threads such as this one
with strong acids used to lower KH will not die:


And history continues to repeat itself...........

Tom Barr

www.BarrReport.com   The monthly Aquatic Plant Horticulture

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