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[APD] Help with Complex words

I believe Vaughn Hopkins wrote this email section below:
> I suspect that, like me, most do no know how to spell 
> calic..callich...whatever.

You're not the only one.

But I put all my hard words into a text file and its in my Quick Launch bar 
in Windows. So if I need one it's only a quick cut and paste job.

I also use a free macro text program called AHK that can insert common words 
from a drop down menu.

I do a Shift-Middle mouse click, the list appears and I click on one of the 
lines from the list and it is inserted into any text field of any program.

I'm a little dyslexic so this helps me.

I've put an example online of this program I put together myself at:

(Its 182K). No need to install, just save it to your desktop or where ever 
and run it.

A green 'H' icon appears in the system tray and then you can open say 
notepad for example and press Shift-Middle Mouse button.
To quit it you just hover over its tray icon and choose quit.

http://www.autohotkey.com/ is the product's home.
Saves me typing long words, email addresses and URLs!

100% guaranteed to be virus, spyware free. :-)

Stuart Halliday
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