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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 30, Issue 49

> i spoke with wilma duncan (google Wilma's Home on the Web) who
> does a bit  of 
> collecting and sells driftwood and  inquired about using wood
> from  
> evergreens in an aquarium.
> i quote " Do not use woods such as cedar and pine as they
> contain resins  
> which will leak into the water column and are poisonous."
> i think this would apply to all conifers.
> rich green
> milton ma

And Wilma would be incorrect.
I have used southern cedar for several years, the Tampa Bay
Public Aquarium has been using it for many years and it's been
sold for many years in Florida.
I've used redwood for 20 years without issue, Jeffery pine and
other conifer woods as well. 

Main thing is finding old dead wood that's fairly dense.
Without trying things, you simply do not know and
later......people think you playing it safe means that there
must be something to it, there is=> you have not tried it and do
not know.......

I've collected and use wood from CA to FL, soft, hard, from the
desert, from the swamp for over 25 years........I know wood, I
know wood rot fungi also.  

Tom Barr


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