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Re: [APD] HC and Cory's

Probably, most people don't have both. Plus, iirc there had been posts that some had probs and some didn't. That pretty much covered the bases.
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The Northeast Council of Aquarium Societies (NEC) celebrates its 50th year of service at its 31st annual convention, April 7-9, 2006 -- including *An Evening with Aquarium Legends*.
Read the speaker list, then download the registration form, and get set to join the fun at what promises to be the year's biggest tropical fish convention.
And while you're there, attend the AGA's annual meeting Friday afternoon (2-4pm). This year's speaker is Claus Christensen, Tropica's Managing Director. 

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>>>Can Cory's be kept with HC, is anyone been successful at  his?<<<

It seems that no one had the answer to the above question.

Is it that most people don't keep HC or is it that most people don't keep  
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