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Re: [APD] Driftwood - Hardwood?

Unless you are well trained at visually identifying species, I don't think there is. Plus, the terms "hardwood" and "softwood" are used in various ways in the common vernacular. However, they are most often are used following the uses in the lumber industry to refer to two diff categories of trees, both of which contain species that produce harder and softer wood, depending on the species. Generally, the so-called softwoods are conifers, (gymnosperms and usually evergreen)  while the so-called hardwoods are angiosperms (usually deciduous). But we all know that some pine wood is harder that some cherry. Further mucking things up a bit is that some conifers are deciduous. And some oaks have leaves virtually all year around (although they are dead leaves during the winter) ;-)
If you are in a stream in a pine or spruce forest, the driftwood in the river is probably spruce, conifer, "softwood." Some softwoods, like cedar can be very hard, and due to their high tannin and oil content, very resistant to bacterial breakdown.
I don't think the key to a wood's utility in an aquarium is whether it is a hardwood or softwood, but other qualities, such as whether it is relatively resistant to rot, sinks easily or at all, has interesting shape, is a chewy treat for Laricariidae, has durable in the face of Laricariidae. Woods that are truly hard and dense often have all these qualities.
Also, as a rule of thumb, roots tend to be more durable in the aquarium than aerial branches.
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Does all driftwood used in an aquarium have to be hardwood?

Is there any sure way to tell the difference between hardwood and  softwood 
when collecting?

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