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Re: [APD] Help fighting Hair Algae

After you've tried everything else, if it fails  I'd double the amount of
nitrate I dose.  You think you have 5 - 10 ppm because you are measuring it
but in my experience the test kits margin of error is 10 ppm or higher,
depending on how fresh the solutions are and how exact you are in running
the test.  My guess is that your tank has nitrate levels that are close to 0
fairly often, and low, fluctuating levels favor algae over plants. My tank
grows best with the least algae if the Aquarium Pharmaceuticals test kit
thinks I have 40 ppm nitrate.

I rarely have micronutrient deficiencies because the water changes take care
of that.  But I have to dose iron because there isn't much in our water.
Without dosing iron I get variolus types of algae growing.  Don't know about
your water but that's something to think about if your water is poor in

Best of luck,
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