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Re: [APD] Help fighting Hair Algae

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> Hi! Nick,
> I am not adding micros with Iron as that would increase the 
> Algae issue all the more. 

Why?  Whoever said iron causes algae?  That's just ridiculous.  Plants
need iron, it is the most important of the micros.  If your plants are
not provided with everything they need to grow, how can they compete
with algae?  Algae is capable of surviving on much lower levels of
nutrients than plants. 

> And yes I do try to remove as much 
> Hair Algae as I can remove manually during weekly 
> w/c.Potassium level I don't know for sure but then I am 
> adding it with the help of KNO3. Regarding Phosphate level, 
> its about 0.5PPM.
> Regards,
> Saugata

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