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Re: [APD] Aromat Ballasts Arrived

Even secondary panels are supposed to have separate ground and neutral feeds -- only at the main box are they connected. PArt of the idea is that the ground never carries any current except when something has gone wrong with something else in the sestem or attached devices. Neutral carries juice whenever a load closes the circuit.
You could get a voltage diff between an open "Neutral" and the Ground but connecting them at the main box prevents that.
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Jerry Baker wrote:
> It seems to me that a ground is essentially serving as a "backup" 
> neutral in the case that something goes wrong with the neutral 
> grounding. Otherwise, why wouldn't the third prong of outlets just 
> connect to the neutral since they ultimately lead to the same place?
> Am I wrong?

Duh. I wasn't thinking about the fact that having something operating on 
the circuit (such as the device that is grounded) would reduce the 
potential between the grounding plane and the neutral wire.
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