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Re: [APD] Aromat Ballasts Arrived

The ground provides a (hopefeully) preferred path for current that has opportunities to go the workng way, such as through you to the ground.
My understanding is that gounding the neutral wire locks neutral at "O" volts and prevents it from wavering when loads on either side of the transformer are imbalanced.
As a separate path to ground, neutral normally doesn't function that way and isn't it's intention, but the pathway is there. 
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James H wrote:
> ah, that must be the difference where you live, in canada its now not legal
> to install a pannel that has the ground and neutral bonded, they are
> seperated now but old installs the ground and neutral bar are the same.
> if you hold a continuity meter to the ground and the neutral in your outlet
> it should not show continuity, unless you have the older style pannel where
> they are connected at the panel.

It seems to me that a ground is essentially serving as a "backup" 
neutral in the case that something goes wrong with the neutral 
grounding. Otherwise, why wouldn't the third prong of outlets just 
connect to the neutral since they ultimately lead to the same place?

Am I wrong?

Jerry Baker
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