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Re: [APD] Can anyone identify this plant (great tank lily btw)

Thanks Dave for the site, man you ask a simple question and you get phone book back :P. Flower looks good, pad is a little different.  Maybe just a difference between outdoor and indoor growth.

Added two more pics if anyone's interested.  You can see the tri-colour submerged leaf which is probably your best bet if you see any in-store as they're not going to have flowers or have pads.

EndlersMom, I usually have 3-4 pads going, they are not big (for a 90gal).  You can even have fewer as long as you always have some fully surfaced.  Once you have the pads going, it takes 1-2 months from the first pads being created to the flowers coming.  It's nice as flowers last 4-5 days with a new flower coming up right after one finishes.  Amazing plant, can restart just from one leaf and my shrimps hide upside-down under the pads which is so cool :P

Cheers and thanks.
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