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Re: [APD] Can anyone identify this plant (great tank lily btw)


Dave gave you a great link for water lilies. I was going to suggest the 
dwarf tropical lily N. "Daubenyana". It is pretty common. I grew one in a 
barrel buried in the ground when I was in High School. It is a viviparous 
lily as Tina is. Take a leaf and cut it off and turn upside down. Float it 
on the water and soon a new plant will form where the petiole joins the 

Jerry Smith

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>Date: Thu, 02 Feb 2006 05:04:57 +0930
>From: Dave Wilson <aqua_green at bigpond.com>
>Subject: Re: [APD] Can anyone identify this plant (great tank lily
>	btw)
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>Hello Peter,
>The water lily looks a little like tina but it is very hard to tell.  Kit
>and Ben Knots have set up a wonderful web site about water gardening.
>There is a section on all the named water lilies.   Have a look at
>When you wee how many water lilies there are that are blue you will
>appreciated the ID difficulty.

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