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[APD] RE: Tank restart

Will, what made the tank an algae farm was all that light.
500w of MH's in a 120gal.
I can deal witrh that but if I slacked off, I'd have an algae farm.

You can do a few things here. 
Add 110w of PC lioghting, run that 11 hours a day, turn the MH's on for 4
hours in the middle of the day.
You can sell the MH's, add 220w of PC lighting and be done with it.

I can assure you, it will be far easier to maintain and grow things at
these lighting routines. 
This issue will more of a problem than the flourite or the smaller filter.
I'd have 2 canisters on a tank this size, not one.
The 2213 is very small, you need that for the CO2 and then 2217 or a pro
series as well, Better yet, two larger canisters and run the CO2 through
one of those.

CO2 and light are the main issue for you, NOT nutrients or substrate.

Such is the case for 90% of all algae related farming practices.
New folks take note: more light is not better*(shoot for 2 w/gal). Less CO2
is not better. 

Tom Barr

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