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[APD] Getting ready to restart my tank..

I am getting ready to restart my 120gal after a year or so out of the hobby
and am looking for thoughts on what, if anything, I should change prior to
getting going again.   I have CO2 and 'plenty' of MH lighting (2x250W -
Iwasaki 6500K).   Water is driven through the reactor via an old eheim 2213
(It's now about 15 years old and still going!)   Substrate is profile.

When I had the tank up and running before I had lots of algae issues.. hair
algae, green water, etc. I tried testing, dosing with KNO3, PO, etc, etc
based on the advice of all the helpful folks here but still had issues.   I
think the water quality was good as the apistos were spawning.  So.. to my
question.   Would I be better off replacing the substrate with Flourite or
replacing the eheim with a higher flow rate filter.   Don't want to do both
as I don't want to dump any more money into this algae farm than I have to


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