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[APD] RE: bicarbonate users plant list

> I?m looking for a bicarbonate user?s plant list. Do you know any one on
> net?
> Best Regards
> Antonio Trías

Most Potamogetons, Egeria, Elodea, Sag's, Hydrilla, Hornwort, swords,
Milfoils, Vals, ferns, no Moss or liverworts can use bicarb, most all algae
can(Chara and noxious smaller algae), Cyano's, etc. I believe there is
something on the Krib as well.

All prefer CO2 over bicarb, algae as well(but algae have far less Carbon
needs due their size, therefore they are seldom ever carbon limited, and
the Surface to area ratio is very high while the S/A ratio for plants and
large algae is low, meaning the smaller algae have better/radically
different uptake characters at low levels.This applies to most nutrients.
Tom Barr

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