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[APD] AGA SPAM: "Classic TAG" Archive now on CD

The Short version: http://www.aquatic-gardeners.org/merch.html

Years in the making, even more years in the procrastination, it's finally available: The Aquatic Gardeners Association Presents...
A Comprehensive TAG Archive 1986-2001, now on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM.

Background: A couple years ago, the AGA sold out of our back issues of "classic TAG", a.k.a., "Neil Frank TAG", "Black and White TAG", etc. Though the AGA hasn't been exactly deluged with requests for reprints, there have been some signs of interest at conventions or on mailing lists, and a CD archive has always been on the back burner in my mind. Even did most of the scanning work back in 2001, but lost all the original files in a hard drive crash. Most recently, I've had the 80% translated subject index printout sitting on my corkboard at work for two years, figured enough was enough...time to finish this one last major project for the AGA before I descend even further into parenthood and disappear from view for another 6 months or more.

But enough of my babbling, here's what you get for your 25 bucks (30 if you're not an AGA member or outside the US): The CD contains a browsable archive of all issues of TAG from the beginnings in 1986 (which were NEVER available as back issues) through V14#3 (the one with the Amano Demo Tank in 2001 with the funky backwards back cover), cross-referenced by author, issue and even subject. You can get an idea how it looks on our website, where we have just the indexes and tables of contents online. With the CD-ROM, you also get page navigation through the actual articles (100dpi "screen" resolution). If you want to spend an extra $5, I created a DVD-ROM version that adds 3 gigabytes of decent resolution PDF's, which would be appropriate if you'd like to print out an article or magazine.

More info and ordering can be found on the AGA website: http://www.aquatic-gardeners.org/merch.html

- Erik

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com
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