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RE: [APD] Seachem Flourish Nitrogen

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> Subject: Re: [APD] Seachem Flourish Nitrogen
> Scott posted and Greg concurred...
> >I think Dr. Morin is saying that a nitrate test only shows 
> nitrate (or 
> >nitrogen from nitrate and then you convert to get the nitrate value) 
> >and not other forms of nitrogen that are not from nitrate such as 
> >Flourish Nitrogen has. Half the nitrogen in Flourish 
> Nitrogen is in the 
> >non-nitrate form. So if you tank has no nitrate and you add Flourish
> >Nitrogen and measure 5 ppm nitrate, then the amount of
> >nitrogen you added is equivalent to having added 10 ppm of
> >nitrate.
> >
> >If your tank has 8 ppm nitrate and you add Flourish
> >Nitrogen and measure 13 ppm nitrate, then the the total nitrogen you 
> >added is equivalent to 10 ppm so you could treat a measurement of 13 
> >ppm in that case as 18 ppm.
> Thanks to both Scott and Dr. Morin but I have to tell you,  I 
> am so sorry but I am completely lost. 
> I want to keep my nitrate levels within 5-10ppm.   If I have 
> no clue what my
> tank contains nitrate-wise but add 15mL of Seachem Nitrogen, 
> measure with my Lamotte and it registers 2,  multiply it by 
> 4.4 to get the nitrate reading, what is my nitrate level?  
> Apparently it isn't 8.8?  I am trying to stay within the 
> acceptable range but am lost as to what I actually have?  I 
> am sorry but I am just not following.  

I think what is confusing people is the terminology.  Nitrate is only
one form of nitrogen.  Your nitrate level is what your test kit is
measuring.  What Scott and Dr. Morin are talking about it TOTAL
NITROGEN, of which nitrate is only a part.  What you add via Seachem
Nitrogen is only half nitrate.  The other half is non-nitrate form.  If
your nitrates are zero and you add enough Flourish to bring it up to
8.8, then your TOTAL NITROGEN level is 17.6.  If your tank is at 5 and
you add enough Flourish to bring it up to 10, then your TOTAL NITROGEN
is 15.

Take the amount of nitrate added via Flourish Nitrogen and double that.
This is the TOTAL NITROGEN added with the Flourish.  Now add that to
your esixting tank levels to get your tank's TOTAL NITROGEN.


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