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[APD] Re: Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 17, Issue 24

Scott wrote:

That's one. What are the other copies or reports of missing
pages? The ones I've found all trace back to this one
person's single copy, which I'm sure Krieger would make
good on, the same as when a new pH monitor doesn't work
correctly. which reminds me, I have to get to UPS. . . .


There was definitely a problem with a group of missing pages in one edition of the book... I was one of the people who got one. I can't remember for sure now, however, whether it was the original German edition, or the English one. (I have both) I do remember that whichever it was, (I got my German edition through Lee Finley a LONG time ago, then got a number from Kreiger as partial compensation for the tech edit I did on the book. (not that they lsitened to me much ;-) I had no problem getting a replacement for the faulty volume.

But it is fact not fiction that there was a group of pages missing from A FEW of the books in ONE edition. As far as the number of pages involved, I don't remember, but as Dave mentioned, considering the way books are bound, it's unlikely that it was 23.<g>


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